It takes a lot of effort to come up with the ideal brand name. Marketers typically spend months analyzing data, conducting interviews, and performing research to discover the perfect name to set themselves apart from competitors, whether they’re launching a new product or rebranding an old one.

However, no matter how thorough your research is, if it is slanted toward your own market, you will have difficulties when expanding worldwide. What can marketers do right now to position a brand for global success? Let’s find out with TRANSCREATIO!

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1. take into account the brand’s global shelf life

The longer you want the brand name to remain in use around the world, the more attentive you’ll need to be when choosing a name that considers international factors. Do international consumers make up a substantial portion of your income today? Do you think that proportion will continue to rise in the future? If that’s the case, you should think about different marketplaces before making your decision.

2. collect feedback from overseas clients

You should start by making a list of potential names for your brand or product. It’s acceptable to do this exercise with your own market and language in mind, but if at all possible, try to include people with foreign expertise from the start. Their advice can point you in the direction of more globally viable solutions.

3. beware of the SEO landscape

It’s time to evaluate the SEO consequences in each of your target countries and languages once you have a strong idea of your top name options. Try to come up with a brand name that is distinct enough to make your organization a top search result for that term.

Because SEO varies drastically in different places, make sure you run this search viability test in each of your top potential markets.

4. seek legal advice

After gathering client feedback and conducting online research, a few prospective names should have climbed to the top. Ask your legal team for trademark and intellectual property guidance after you’re sure of these names’ global validity and internet marketing possibilities.

5. reconnect with your consumers

In the end, coming up with a name that works on a global scale is an iterative process. You’ll believe you’ve found the perfect name until you discover it has negative implications in one of your most important markets. Then you’ll locate another winner, only to discover that you won’t be able to secure certain important online sites or social media accounts. You might find yourself having to start from scratch and create a completely new list of applicants. But don’t worry, this is time well spent.

Even though it may be tempting to pick a name that will work in your home market and language right away, keep in mind that simple decisions made today might have a big impact on your worldwide expansion afterward. Anything designed for a global scale, whether it’s a method, a product, or a brand name, necessitates a little more forward consideration. 

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