People typically think of written content when considering translation services. Since it’s the newest trend among independent contractors, it makes sense. However,  the translation agency can offer more than just translation.

Consecutive interpretating is another recognizable interpreting technique. It is, however, not a simple task. Aside from having a thorough understanding of the language and culture, becoming an interpreter also calls for focus and the capacity to speak in front of a large group of people. Despite being tough, it may also be quite advantageous for your company. We’ll go over the fundamentals of consecutive interpretation as well as the greatest benefits it can offer.

What is Consecutive Interpreting?

One way to facilitate verbal communication is consecutive interpreting. After the speaker is done, the interpreter will speak. Regularly, the consecutive interpreter listens intently to every word being spoken, takes notes, and waits patiently for their turn to speak. They translate everything after the speech into a different language. In meetings and conferences held abroad, it is a common form of communication.

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The Benefits of Consecutive Interpretation

Trustworthiness of the Translation

Providing simultaneous interpreting services in a hurry won’t produce the same high quality results as when you have time to prepare, regardless of how skilled an interpreter is. There is practically no time for you to consider your options and choose the best phrases because the speech is being simultaneously translated into another language. Conversely, consecutive interpretation enables the translator to reevaluate information, make notes about what is important, and as a result, put everything in the proper terms and produce a top-notch translation. Additionally, the time given enables the interpreter to focus on specifics, such as body language and conveyed emotions. It is possible to thoroughly understand the issue and strengthen the overall understanding through consecutive interpreting.

The Public Will Pay Attention

Imagine trying to listen to two discussions at once, as is sometimes the case with simultaneous translating, while paying attention to two different types of body language, gestures, and voices. It can be difficult to concentrate on one person at a time. The audience pays more attention when the original speech and the translation are spaced out in time. Furthermore, because they would instantly compare the information delivered in both languages, many listeners are likely to comprehend the subject matter better.

Equipment Not Required

There is no expensive, specialized equipment required for consecutive interpreting services. No special headphones for the audience, soundproof interpreting booths, or other audio, electronic, or technological equipment is needed for the translation. The lower expenditures are obviously a huge relief for everyone. The interpreter’s language and interpersonal abilities are the foundation of their career. Additionally, they can take notes, underline important passages, and reformulate the material to seem more natural when spoken in a foreign language in their free time.



Applications of Consecutive Interpretating Services

Consecutive interpreting can be very useful in many different circumstances. It is possible to use consecutive interpreting solution for:

  • Conferences
  • Medical consultations
  • International Business Meetings
  • Press and Personal Interviews

The list still goes on.

All in all…

When done properly, consecutive interpreting can increase the professionalism of your company and make your existing information accessible to international consumers, which can aid in your more effective expansion into new markets.

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