It’s likely that you need interpretation services if you’re hosting a multilingual event. Language barriers can be eliminated, audience engagement is increased, and effective communication is made possible thanks to interpretation. So, do you know what to prepare when an interpreter is required?

If not, let TRANSCREATIO show you a few questions you need to ask yourselves when you need interpretation services:  

Which type of interpretation do I need?

Choosing the best mode of interpretation might be difficult because there are so many options available. Simultaneous interpreting is currently becoming more and more popular in the events business, which is not surprising.

Simultaneous interpreting, as the name implies, involves listening to what is being said in one language while simultaneously speaking it in another. When speaking in front of an audience, simultaneous interpreting is most effective. Regularly, the consecutive interpreter listens intently to every word being spoken, takes notes, and waits patiently for their turn to speak. They translate everything after the speech into a different language. Consecutive interpreting is the preferred method for medical interpretation since precision and intent are more crucial than speed and efficiency.

The fact that language interpreters do not offer translation services should be noted. While translators work with written language, interpretation services use spoken language.

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What is the setup of my event?

You can ask yourself these questions to establish the setup of your event:

  • Where will both my audience and I be speaking? On-site and connected virtually, whether at the location, in a distant country, at home, or both.
  • Where are my interpreters going to work? Using remote simultaneous interpretation consoles from home, in the interpreting booths at the location, or both on-site and connected digitally.

You can better plan the setup of your event by getting precise responses to these questions. An in-person event requires entirely different technology than an online meeting does.

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An additional method to make the process of organizing an event simpler

Consider planning an event where each language interpreter works remotely to make the process of event planning simpler.

How many languages will I require?

To hire the best team of interpreters, it is essential to know precisely which and how many languages you require interpretation in.

Understanding the importance of the interpreter’s location

Make sure that the venue has the space and facilities needed for the interpreters’ booths if you intend to have interpreters on site to translate between different languages.

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TRANSCREATIO promises to provide the most suitable interpretation solutions

As a language service provider with expertise in both languages and cultures, TRANSCREATIO is confident in offering customers a reliable interpretation solution. No matter which type of interpretation you choose, we are committed to bringing success to your events.

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