Chuyên viên IT là gì? Bản mô tả công việc Chuyên viên IT

The IT industry is constantly evolving. In the digital age, the role of the IT industry is extremely important. However, for IT to scale its influence globally, IT localization is indispensable. Translation and localization solutions in the IT industry are effective supporting tools, helping IT companies to convey information accurately, train employees effectively, comply with regulations. and above all, contribute to increase the revenue for the brand.

As a company that specializes in translation and localization, TRANSCREATIO is aware of how crucial localization is to the growth of the IT sector. 

We translate and localize a wide range of materials in the IT industry:

🔹 Technical publications

🔹 Software and hardware manuals

🔹 Installation manuals

🔹 Safety manuals

🔹 Operating manuals

🔹 Technical specifications

🔹 CAD drawings

🔹 User interfaces

🔹 User guides

🔹 Marketing collaterals

🔹 E-learning materials

🔹 Training materials

🔹 Web content

🔹 Online documentation

🔹 Product catalogs

🔹 Packaging

🔹 Multimedia content

With a staff of skilled translators who have worked on numerous IT projects and a thorough awareness of various languages and cultures, TRANSCREATIO is always ready to work with clients, helping to translate and localize IT materials that are simple to understand and IT products that are accessible to users.

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