Let’s take a look at what localization means for search performance and how localization can help you improve your rankings!

localization is a key part of website quality

In another language, it’s quite easy to create bad content. Automated translation solutions are inexpensive, quick, and allow for large volumes, but they may include compromises that you would never accept with your original content. Strange syntax, confused messaging, 0and a disrespect for user experience condemn your critical sites in your new language, as well as their counterparts in other languages.

You can’t afford to ignore the importance of localization. Your website is a single entity with multiple interconnected aspects that affect overall health. If you want to profit from the traffic, visibility, and conversion benefits of great search performance, your vital pages must be of the best quality in every language.

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Localization is a key part of website quality

how to improve website quality

There is no quick fix for a bad website. Don’t give up hope if your site has been suffering since you went multilingual. It is critical to receive objective input from outside observers about your website. These individuals can assist you in identifying the “little subjective things” that, when added together, can improve your site over time. In short, focusing on human experience is the cure for low quality.

The same may be said about localization. It’s common knowledge that key pages should be translated by a professional, but a human-centered approach goes much farther. From developing native-like writing to assisting users in quickly and simply navigating the site, good localization methods focus on creating natural user experiences in your new language. Good language processes focus on user feedback, making your site feel more natural to your visitors. This encourages them to remain longer and read more, signaling to search engines that your website is of high quality.

After all, localization has a significant impact on your website and addresses a very human issue: making your site accessible to a global audience. Because so many aspects of localization affect the digital experience, it’s clear that localization is critical to preserving website quality — and, by extension, search performance.

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How to improve website quality


When faced with the localization stage, firms will face numerous challenges. TRANSCREATIO understands this and has a staff of culturally competent translators and experts that can examine your website in real-time and provide the most successful website localization plan to your clients. We will always be there to support businesses on their quest to conquer the global market.


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