No alternative text description for this image Translating newspapers is never easy, especially when it comes to translating the titles as they are the most essential part of each piece of news and has the power of orienting the readers. Therefore, what do we need to pay attention to when translating newspapers? According to a research paper of Yonghong Wu, those factors include:

The Lexical features

Short words, especially nouns, are often used in titles. In addition, vogue words with the progression of society and popular abbreviations are also favored. E.g: Energy Saver; Internetese.

The Grammatical features

Functional words such as articles, prepositions, conjunctions and pronouns are often omitted. Sometimes, so are some nouns and verbs. E.g: Ten Die in Kashmir Tempe Attack (full version should be “Ten people die…”)

The Rhetorical features

Metaphors, pun, alliteration, repetition, contrast, etc. are widely popular in titles to create rhyme and attract readers’ attention. E.g: Desperate needs, desperate deeds (rhyme)

Cultural features

Because language is the career of culture, it is difficult to neglect the cultural features in titles. Those features often are: unique ideologies, values, customs, etc. E.g: To buy or not to buy (similar to “To be or not to be” of Shakespeare)

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