In recent years, the landscape of video streaming and OTT platforms has changed dramatically. Because of its ease and ability to view anytime, anywhere, on any device, OTT will gradually replace broadcast programming on television in the future. When it comes to an industry with as much promise as OTT, regardless of platform, it’s critical to grasp its potential and future before attempting to break into this fertile patch. Let’s examine at some major trends with TRANSCREATIO in order to have the greatest baggage to win this market!


5G: A Major Driver of Over-the-Top (OTT) Adoption

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The expansion of OTT platforms has been aided by easy access to high-speed internet and the affordability of smartphones. With the launch of 5G connection, this trend will acquire even more traction. Streaming videos in 4K quality on mobile devices is now possible thanks to 5G’s blistering speeds. It’s worth mentioning that 29% of users are prepared to pay a higher price for 5G in return for improved video quality and fewer buffering

The usage of OTT platforms is expected to soar in the next years as 5G becomes more widely available. Despite the rise of linked TVs, mobile OTT viewing will continue to expand thanks to 5G. It will also aid OTT service providers in breaking into distant locations with poor connections.

Possibilities for Immersive Live Streaming

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The live broadcasting of sports, award shows, and other events via OTT platforms is a significant departure from traditional television. We’ve done everything from live streaming an award ceremony on Facebook to airing a cricket competition on Disney+ Hotstar. As a result, it won’t come as a surprise if more OTT media companies and publishers try out this.

What’s more intriguing is how live OTT streaming will compare against cable TV. With 5G, high-resolution videos can be live streamed with minimum latency. It would also improve the accessibility of 360-degree live broadcasting. Virtual reality (VR) technology will also enhance the immersive and engaging nature of the viewing experience.


User Experience (UX) and Personalization Will Take Precedence

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Retaining viewers would be difficult with the expanding number of OTT platforms on the market. It won’t be enough to offer outstanding subscription packages and high-quality, original content. Winners will be platforms with user-friendly interfaces, clever search options, and tailored content suggestions. Use machine learning (ML) to assess your subscribers’ watching patterns and preferences if you’re intending to create an OTT platform right now. Use artificial intelligence (AI) to find connections between materials that aren’t organically connected. Ascertain that the platform provides a consistent and coordinated user experience across all platforms.


OTT Content Localization

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As more people get access to the Internet, OTT services draw an increasing number of viewers, particularly from developing nations. On today’s OTT platforms, entertainment material is not only transmitted to domestic audiences, but it has also grown OTT viewership throughout the world. You must genuinely grasp the likes, preferences, settings, and cultures of different audience groups in order to appropriately portray their values if you want to cater to such a wide audience.


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TRANSCREATIO provides multimedia solutions, supporting localization of media and multimedia content, ready to help businesses in the OTT market get closer to local customers:

☑️ Subtitling

☑️ Transcription

☑️ Dubbing

☑️ Voice-over

☑️ Desktop Publishing (DTP)


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