Conferences and meetings are always perfect opportunities for attendants to exchange ideas, information, as well as develop their business network. Therefore, prior to any event, thorough preparations are needed to get the most out of them, in terms of financial value and their time spent there. 

If you plan to attend upcoming events, especially IT/Tech events that we’ve already introduced, here are some of the ways you can get a greater return on your investment.

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1. Clear Your Schedule

Try to complete as many projects as possible, so you don’t have to split your time between the event and your work at the office. Anything that can wait till you get back, please do. Put your attention on anticipating the event, meeting people and being positive and accessible.

2. Prepare Your Conversation With Specific People. Use Interpretation If Needed

The possibility to meet and interact with colleagues, or presenters you follow, connect with, and who have an influence on you is the whole point of attending particular conferences. IT/Tech events normally have a lot of influencers and experts, so make sure that you get to contact the one you need. Due to the importance of these meetings, consider using interpretation service. It’s gonna help you communicate effectively with others, laying the sound foundation for a better business relationship.

Remember why people ought to want to meet you, too. 

Be confident in your expertise, know their background, current activities, so that you may have good conversations. Learn as much as you can about the people you wish to meet by researching them online using Google, their blogs, websites, and social media. Prepare some icebreakers as well, such as remarks or questions that might help people feel a connection or a sense of similarity.

3. Prepare brand materials and, if necessary, have them translated

Despite the fact that we’ve moved a lot of our work online, you still need to bring certain physical branding materials. Business cards are still essential when networking in person, therefore this also includes them. Make sure your business card has all of your contact information and a few succinct comments about what your brand stands for on both sides. Getting these kinds of information ready for IT/Tech events is a must-have in your list if you want to be recognized. 

However, please bear in mind that attendants might not speak your mother language. Therefore, think about getting these materials translated in the first place to confidently introduce yourself/your brand to anyone that will be present at the event.

4. Create Online And Offline Content

Before you go to any networking events, especially IT/Tech events, jot down some questions and conversation starters that you can think about. Doing this will make you more mentally prepared to interact with the other folks. Prepare online content as well so it coincides with your conference presence. Whatever the conference’s theme, it should be incorporated into your social media plan. To connect with people you meet, use LinkedIn. Use Facebook to share stunning photos and videos of you doing what you love and the experiences you have.

5. Get Your Tech Devices Ready

Make sure you have everything you need to record the moment and share it by making a complete check list of all your gadgets, chargers, cords, and batteries. Pay attention to the battery life of the different gadgets you use, and be sure to recharge them as soon as you see that they are running low so that you don’t miss the opportunity to capture the moment. 

6. Follow Up Plan

Sort the connections you’ve established and the cards you have. With a remark about meeting them and any other key social media platforms they may use, connect with them right away on LinkedIn. Invite people to a face-to-face meeting if you know they are nearby. At significant industry conferences, there is a rare chance to interact with people in person. To make an impression, strengthen relationships, and create new ones, be ready, enjoy yourself, and take full advantage of the opportunity.

Even though these IT/Tech events and conferences can be stressful at times, using these ideas will help you get the most out of the time and money you spend there while also improving your entire experience.


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