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The exhibition event on products – services Telecommunications, Information Technology and Communication (Vietnam ICT COMM) 2022 came back after 2 years of delay due to COVID-19.

TRANSCREATIO participated in this year’s exhibition to introduce our localized language solutions to exhibitors and to the Telecommunication, IT, and Media industries.  TRANSCREATIO had the opportunity to welcome up to 300 people during this year’s exhibition, which was also a success. This demonstrates colleagues’, clients’, and partners’ interest in TRANSCREATIO’s solutions:

• Media and post-production solutions (Transcript, Subtitles, Recording, Dubbing)

• Translating documents, providing electronic publishing (DTP)

• Localization of applications and software

• Interpreting conferences, fairs, major events, projects

• Providing technology-based event organization solutions

We’d like to express our gratitude to everyone who supported TRANSCREATIO during the previous exhibition. If we made a mistake during the reception process, we appreciate your patience.

Let’s take a look at some memorable moments taken in Vietnam ICT COMM 2022!


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