To the untrained eye, it would seem that the disciplines of cyber security and translation are nowhere related. However, this notion is completely wrong. In this article, we will give you a deeper insight into cyber security, and point out the importance of translation.

Cyber security is important in any business
Cyber security is important in any business

What is a cyberattack, and how can it harm businesses?

Cyberattacks, to put it simply, are attacks launched by one computer or group of computers on another computer or group of computers. There are two forms of cyberattacks: One is to destroy the computer, and the other is to gain illegal access to confidential information in the system. The hackers can attack the system in a number of ways, ranging from using malware to phishing. These cyberattacks not only affect small enterprises, but also do harm to multinational corporations. IBM, a world-renowned enterprise, was once thieved company files and assets worth a total amount of over 800.000 USD, leading to a total loss of nearly 1 million USD.

Cyberattacks not only affect small enterprises, but also do harm to multinational corporations
Cyberattacks not only affect small enterprises, but also do harm to multinational corporations


The reasons why cyberattacks happened…

Part of the reason why these happened is because of the lack of understanding within a system. Technology is a field that has its own jargon and terminology that only IT professionals and those in the business understand. As a result, many additional users of technical platforms will be unable to properly comprehend the system, which could result in security-related risks. As a result, the information provided to staff members or customers regarding cyber security must be reliable and simple to comprehend. That’s when translation and localization comes in handy.

Translation and Localization – An indispensable part in IT sector and particularly, cyber security

Translators design user interface 

Organizations are putting a greater emphasis than ever before on UI in order to enhance the end user’s overall experience due to the rise in the use of online apps in recent years. Every icon on the desktop screen and in other apps must be correctly understood by the user when dealing with cyber security. The user won’t be able to distinguish between what he should and shouldn’t click in order to stop a cyber-security assault without this understanding. Here is where the use of language translation is necessary. Organizations can make sure that the user interface’s content is localized and that they are aware of where and what each click will do with the help of translation and localization. Language translation makes it possible to localize everything that occurs on a user’s screen, giving them a better understanding of the effects of their actions.

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Translators accurately translate complex and critical texts

Translating texts is a difficult task. Businesses face a variety of translation and localization challenges. This is based on the idea that every language is unique and has a range of levels for understanding and comprehension. In the modern world, a lot of consumers only rely on machine translation or translation tools available on the Internet. Despite the fact that apps like Google Translate are constantly getting better, they are still far from ideal, necessitating the use of human translators. When communicating with you in a foreign language, a hacker can violate your privacy. It’s possible that you’ll get a message in another language requesting you to click a link. This URL will undoubtedly include malware that will be quietly downloaded to your computer. Similar to pop-ups from antivirus software, notifying viewers of a dangerous website is useless if they do not understand the language being used. The easiest way to become a victim of a cyberattack is to not look for expert localization and be clueless to a foreign language.

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Translators make it easier for cyber security professionals to communicate

Thousands of experts from all around the world are working on the worldwide problem of cyber security. It would be naive to presume that all of these international experts will be be able to communicate fluent English. As a result, there is a need for a skilled translation company. A cyber-security expert may successfully communicate the most recent cyber security discoveries with his counterpart with the use of a language translator, ensuring the security of the bigger goal—world security.

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Translators protect clients’ confidential information

When a company employs a language translator or an agency, it frequently encounters a variety of translation problems since they must disclose confidential customer information with them. This confidential information may contain business connections, plans of action, and tactics. As a result, it falls solely on the translator to make sure that no outside entity has access to this information. Translators are expected to handle client data with the utmost care because any case where it is disclosed could result in significant losses for the parent company.

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The right translation partner is what you need to ensure cyber security in your business

To assist our clients, our linguists at TRANSCREATIO are completely competent of completing these jobs. We can undoubtedly assist you in eliminating cyberattacks thanks to our experience in numerous languages and cultural contexts. 


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